, Volume 77, Issue 6-7, pp 595-599
Date: 08 Oct 2003

Mode-locking of neodymium lasers by glasses doped with PbS nanocrystals

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Nonlinear optical absorption properties of silicate glasses doped by the PbS nanocrystals were investigated by means of the picosecond pump-probe absorption spectroscopy and absorption bleaching technique. The glass samples were used as saturable absorbers for passive mode-locking of Nd : YAG and Nd : glass lasers. Application of the PbS doped glass together with the active mode-locking and laser cavity quality control enabled the stable of generation of 28 ps and 5 ps duration pulses in Nd : YAG and Nd : glass lasers respectively.


42.60.Fc; 42.70.Hj; 78.47.+p