, Volume 74, Issue 1 Supplement, pp s219-s224
Date: 24 Apr 2014

Real-time characterization and optimal phase control of tunable visible pulses with a flexible compressor

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The output pulses of a noncollinearly phase-matched optical parametric amplifier (NOPA) are fully characterized by spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction (SPIDER). The SPIDER setup has been optimized for online diagnosis of tunable visible pulses with a 1 kHz repetition rate and 10–40 fs duration. The compression of the NOPA pulses by different prism sequences and commercially available chirped mirrors is investigated. For flexible phase control the end mirror of a fused-silica prism compressor has been replaced by a deformable mirror. With an evolutionary strategy guided by the spectral phase information of the SPIDER, optimal compression of the NOPA pulses to a 7.6 fs duration is achieved.

Received: 28 September 2001 / Revised version: 28 November 2001 / Published online: 5 July 2002