Applied Physics A

, Volume 74, Issue 5, pp 617–638

Synthesis of aligned carbon nanotubes

  • A. Huczko

DOI: 10.1007/s003390100929

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Huczko, A. Appl Phys A (2002) 74: 617. doi:10.1007/s003390100929


Carbon nanomaterials seem to be most attractive because of their fascinating features. Carbon nanotubes emerged recently as unique nanostructures with remarkable mechanical and electronic properties. Future applications will require a fabrication method capable of producing uniform carbon nanotubes with well-defined and controllable reproducibility of their properties. In this review, recent results addressing rational and efficient methods to obtain aligned arrays of these one-dimensional carbon nanomaterials will be discussed.

PACS: 61.46.+w; 61.48.+c; 61.82.Rx 

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  • A. Huczko
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  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, Warsaw University, 1 Pasteur, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland (Fax: +48-22/822-5996, E-mail:

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