, Volume 65, Issue 4-5, pp 445-449

Temporal and spatial TaO emission generated from UV laser ablation of Ta and Ta2O5 in oxygen ambient

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O5 targets in oxygen ambient are presented. Line assignments indicate the presence of the excited Ta(I), Ta(II), and TaO in the plume. At higher oxygen pressure, a single peak appears in the TaO emission spectrum from the laser ablation of Ta while two peaks corresponding to a fast and a slow component of TaO emission are observed from the laser ablation of the Ta2O5 target by time-resolved emission spectroscopy. The delay times after laser pulse corresponding to two components of TaO emission from the laser ablation of Ta2O5 have been investigated as a function of oxygen pressure, laser fluence, and observation distance from the target surface. The two components of TaO emission could be attributed to different pathways for the generation of excited TaO molecules. A blast wave model is proposed to describe the behavior of the excited TaO in the plume of laser ablation of Ta2O5.

Received: 1 February 1997/Accepted: 12 March 1997