, Volume 112, Issue 2, pp 397-402
Date: 18 Nov 2012

Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on manganite Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn1−x Ga x O3 (x=0 and 0.05)

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In this paper, we present the investigations of electron paramagnetic resonance on perovskite manganite Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 and Ga-doped Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.95Ga0.05O3. The temperature dependent paramagnetic resonance spectra parameters (effective g-factor, peak-to-peak linewidth ΔH pp and double integrated intensities) have been used to study the paramagnetic spin correlations and spin dynamics. The gradual increase of effective g-factor is attributed to the presence of orbital ordering above T C. The model fittings of temperature dependent double integrated intensities reveal Arrhenius law is appropriate for describing Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.95Ga0.05O3 instead of Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 system. As for Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3, the broadening of linewidth with the temperature increase origins from the contribution of small polaron hopping in the PM regime. However, as for Pr0.5Sr0.5Mn0.95Ga0.05O3, the broadening of EPR linewidth can be understood with the spin-lattice relaxation mechanism.