, Volume 98, Issue 4, pp 707-710
Date: 30 Jan 2010

Compositional effect of bcc Co100−x Fe x electrodes on magnetoresistance in AlO x -based magnetic tunnel junctions

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The effect of the composition of ferromagnetic bcc Co100−x Fe x electrodes on tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) of Co100−x Fe x /AlO x /Co100−x Fe x /IrMn magnetic tunnel junctions was studied. The epitaxial growth of the bottom Co100−x Fe x electrode leads to a high-quality electrode and interface, which significantly enhances the TMR ratio and the desired effect for study. Other factors that could also affect TMR, such as interface roughness, tunneling barrier properties, and exchange-bias properties, were kept the same within the uncertainty of the experiment in order to minimize their effects. The observed TMR dependence on composition is attributed to the variation of the s-like electron densities of state of the bcc Co100−x Fe x electrodes with different compositions.