, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp 851-859

X-ray investigation of the interface structure of free standing InAs nanowires grown on GaAs $[\bar{1}\bar {1}\bar{1}]_{\mathrm{B}}$

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The heteroepitaxial growth process of InAs nanowires (NW) on GaAs $[\bar{1}\bar{1}\bar{1}]_{\mathrm{B}}$ substrate was investigated by X-ray grazing-incidence diffraction using synchrotron radiation. For crystal growth we applied the vapor–liquid–solid (VLS) growth mechanism via gold seeds. The general sample structure was extracted from various electron microscopic and X-ray diffraction experiments. We found a closed Ga x In1−x As graduated alloy layer at the substrate to NW interface which was formed in the initial stage of VLS growth with a Au–Ga–In liquid alloy. With ongoing growth time a transition from this VLS layer growth to the conventional VLS NW growth was observed. The structural properties of both VLS grown crystal types were examined. Furthermore, we discuss the VLS layer growth process.