, Volume 84, Issue 1-2, pp 47-61
Date: 20 Apr 2006

Fabrication of microchannels in glass using focused femtosecond laser radiation and selective chemical etching

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We use the combination of femtosecond laser dielectric modification and selective chemical etching to fabricate high-quality microchannels in glass. The photoinduced modification morphology has been studied in fused silica and in borosilicate glass BK7, using ultra-high spatial resolution techniques of selective chemical etching followed by atomic force or scanning electron microscopy. The analysis shows that the high differential etch rate inside the modified regions, is determined by the presence of polarization-dependent self-ordered periodic nanocracks or nanoporous structures. We also investigate the optimum irradiation conditions needed to produce high-aspect ratio microchannels with small symmetric cross-sections and smooth walls.


42.62.-b; 42.65.Re; 81.05.Kf; 87.80.Mj