, Volume 81, Issue 3, pp 477-479
Date: 24 May 2005

Catalytic synthesis and photoluminescence of silicon oxide nanowires and nanotubes

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A large quantity of nanowires and nanotubes of silicon oxide are produced by using Fe–Co–Ni alloy nanoparticles as catalyst. The products have a uniform diameter of around 100 nm. The nanowires have a smooth surface and the lengths are up to 100 μm or more. A new morphology called a serrated joint nanotube was found. The alloy catalyst plays a key role in the synthesis process. Room-temperature photoluminescence measurement under excitation at 360 nm showed that the silicon oxide had a strong blue-green emission at 525 nm (about 2.36 eV), which may be related to oxygen defects.


81.15.Gh; 81.07.Vb; 81.07.De; 42.70.Nq; 78.55.-m