, Volume 79, Issue 4-6, pp 791-794
Date: 26 Jul 2004

Femtosecond laser application for high capacity optical data storage

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A femtosecond (fs) laser application for multi-layer optical recording is investigated. Information patterns at different layer depths were written inside a transparent glass substrate due to micro-void formation by fs laser ablation, which causes re-distribution in glass materials and a refractive index modification. The information bits recorded in a single layer can be retrieved clearly without interference from the neighboring layers. A fs laser irradiation of a transparent polymer matrix (doped with fluorescent materials for use as low-cost recording media) is also studied. A fs laser induced photo-chemical reaction changes the chemical properties of the fluorescent materials and records information bits inside the matrix. With an ultra-fast laser as a new light source, 3D optical recording can be available for high capacity data storage up to 1 TB per disc.


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