, Volume 79, Issue 4-6, pp 747-751
Date: 26 Jul 2004

Particle on surface: 3D-effects in dry laser cleaning

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Previous analysis of dry laser cleaning within the frame of a one-dimensional (1D) model with homogeneous surface heating shows that this model disagrees with experiments by one–two orders of magnitude. The particle on the surface produces an inhomogeneous intensity distribution in its vicinity due to scattering and diffraction. This produces a nonstationary 3D distribution of the temperature and nonstationary 3D thermal deformations of the surface. If one uses the Mie theory for calculation of inhomogeneous intensity then in some region of the parameters, the 3D model predicts results close to the experimental ones. The next step was done when the scattering effects for radiation reflected from the surface was taken into account (so-called “particle on surface” problem). This approach yields results close to the experimental one within the wide range of parameters.