, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 157-159
Date: 01 Oct 2004

Persistence of non-caribbean algal symbionts in Indo-Pacific mushroom corals released to Jamaica 35 years ago

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Mushroom corals endemic to the Indo-Pacific were collected and brought to Discovery Bay, Jamaica, and released on the fore-reef in the mid to late 1960’s by Thomas F. Goreau, an early pioneer in coral research (cf. Goreau et al. 1969 p 180; R. K. Trench, personal communication). Subsequently, the potential problems arising from introduction of an exotic species to the Caribbean were realized. Several attempts to eradicate these non-Caribbean species were then made between 1970 and 1980 and more than 25 adult individuals were removed (cf. Bush et al. 2004; J. Woodley, personal communication). However, re-discovery of two Fungia scutaria individuals in March of 2003 showed that a remnant population of this particular mushroom coral has persisted for over 35 years in the Caribbean (Bush et al. 2004). Since being introduced to Atlantic waters, these corals have displayed remarkable resilience, enduring two destructive hurricanes (Woodley 1992), environmental degradation resulting in collap ...

This revised version was published February 2005 with corrections to the Accepted-Date.