Mammalian Genome

, Volume 23, Issue 9, pp 632–640

The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium: past and future perspectives on mouse phenotyping


DOI: 10.1007/s00335-012-9427-x

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Brown, S.D.M. & Moore, M.W. Mamm Genome (2012) 23: 632. doi:10.1007/s00335-012-9427-x


Determining the function of all mammalian genes remains a major challenge for the biomedical science community in the 21st century. The goal of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) over the next 10 years is to undertake broad-based phenotyping of 20,000 mouse genes, providing an unprecedented insight into mammalian gene function. This short article explores the drivers for large-scale mouse phenotyping and provides an overview of the aims and processes involved in IMPC mouse production and phenotyping.

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  1. 1.MRC Mammalian Genetics UnitMRC HarwellOxfordshireUK
  2. 2.International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium, NIH Senior Consultant to NHGRIBethesdaUSA