, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 53-61

Comparative mapping of rat Iddm4 to segments on HSA7 and MMU6

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Iddm4 is one of several susceptibility genes that have been identified in the BB rat model of type 1 diabetes. The BB rat allele of this gene confers dominant predisposition to diabetes induction by immune perturbation in both the diabetes-prone and the diabetes-resistant substrains, whereas the Wistar Furth (WF) allele confers resistance. We have positioned the gene in a 2.8-cM region on rat Chromosome (Chr) 4, proximal to Lyp/Ian4l1. We have produced a radiation hybrid map of the Iddm4-region that includes a number of rat genes with their mouse and human orthologs. We present a comparative map of the rat Iddm4 region in rat, human, and mouse, assigning the gene to a 6.3-Mb segment between PTN and ZYX at 7q32 in the human genome, and to a 5.7-Mb segment between Ptn and Zyx in the mouse genome.