, Volume 14, Issue 9, pp 629-639

Comparative map between chicken Chromosome 15 and human chromosomal region 12q24 and 22q11-q12

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The physical and comparative map of GGA15 was improved by the construction of 9 BAC contigs around loci previously mapped on GGA15 by linkage analysis. In total, 240 BAC clones were isolated, covering 30–35% of GGA15, and 120 STS were developed (104 STS derived from BAC end sequences and 18 STS derived within genes). Seventeen chicken orthologues of human genes located on human Chr 22q11-q12 were directly mapped within BAC contigs of GGA15. Furthermore, the partial sequences of the chicken BAC clones were compared with sequences present in the EMBL/GenBank databases and revealed matches to 26 genes, ESTs, and genomic clones located on HSA22q11-q12 and HSA12q24. These results provide a better alignment of GGA15 with the corresponding regions in human and mouse, and improve our knowledge of the evolution and dynamics of the vertebrate genome.

GenBank Accession Numbers: The nucleotide sequence data reported in this paper have been submitted to GenBank and have been assigned the accession numbers BZ592394-BZ592544.