, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 323-334

Cloning, functional study and comparative mapping of Luzp2 to mouse Chromosome 7 and human Chromosome 11p13–11p14

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A novel leucine-zipper gene, leucine zipper protein 2 (Luzp2), has been cloned as part of an aberrant deletion-fusion transcript in the chromosomal interval between Gas2 and Herc2 on mouse Chromosome 7 (Chr 7). Luzp2 is normally expressed only in brain and spinal cord. The human homolog of Luzp2 maps to Chr 11p13–11p14 by radiation-hybrid mapping and is deleted in some patients with Wilms tumor–Aniridia–Genitourinary anomalies–mental Retardation (WAGR) syndrome. Disruption of Luzp2 by gene targeting in mice did not result in any obvious abnormal phenotypes.