, Volume 13, Issue 9, pp 524-534

Cytogenetic localization of 136 genes in the horse: comparative mapping with the human genome

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The aim of this study was to increase the number of type I markers on the horse cytogenetic map and to improve comparison with maps of other species, thus facilitating positional candidate cloning studies. BAC clones from two different sources were FISH mapped: homologous horse BAC clones selected from our newly extended BAC library using consensus primer sequences and heterologous goat BAC clones. We report the localization of 136 genes on the horse cytogenetic map, almost doubling the number of cytogenetically mapped genes with 48 localizations from horse BAC clones and 88 from goat BAC clones. For the first time, genes were mapped to ECA13p, ECA29, and probably ECA30. A total of 284 genes are now FISH mapped on the horse chromosomes. Comparison with the human map defines 113 conserved segments that include new homologous segments not identified by Zoo-FISH on ECA7 and ECA13p.