, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 377-385

Minimally invasive stereotaxic vacuum core breast biopsy

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The purpose of our study was the assessment of the diagnostic value of vacuum core biopsy, which promises high accuracy by minimally invasive percutaneous excision of 1–2 cm3 of tissue. The materials used were a digital stereotaxic biopsy table (Fischer Imaging) and a Mammotome-gun (Biopsys). A total of 236 patients with 261 predominantly indeterminate lesions (indeterminate: 230; suspicious: 26; malignant: 5) underwent vacuum core biopsy (VCB). Verification was as follows: (a) demonstration of complete or partial removal of the lesion or replacement of the lesion by a small hematoma by comparison of the pre- and post-VCB mammogram; (b) reexcision of 45 malignant and 6 borderline lesions; (c) radiologic–histologic correlation; and (d) 6-month-follow-up mammograms in 129 cases. Two VCBs were not possible because very fine microcalcifications could not be visualized. Two puncture errors occurred which, however, were immediately recognized and VCB was repeated. Based on the above verification a 100 % accuracy was achieved. No relevant side effects occurred. Except for 2 cases mammographically hardly any scarring was visible. Based on the excellent accuracy and excellent tolerance of the procedure VCB appears to be the future method of choice for the workup of those indeterminate mammographically detected lesions that up to now have still required surgical biopsy.

Received 5 September 1997; Accepted 12 September 1997