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, Volume 19, Issue 9, pp 2156–2162

Image quality of supine chest radiographs: intra-individual comparison of computed radiography and low-dose linear-slit digital radiography


DOI: 10.1007/s00330-009-1412-8

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Szucs-Farkas, Z. & Vock, P. Eur Radiol (2009) 19: 2156. doi:10.1007/s00330-009-1412-8


The purpose of this retrospective study was to intra-individually compare the image quality of computed radiography (CR) and low-dose linear-slit digital radiography (LSDR) for supine chest radiographs. A total of 90 patients (28 female, 62 male; mean age, 55.1 years) imaged with CR and LSDR within a mean time interval of 2.8 days ± 3.0 were included in this study. Two independent readers evaluated the image quality of CR and LSDR based on modified European Guidelines for Quality Criteria for chest X-ray. The Wilcoxon test was used to analyse differences between the techniques. The overall image quality of LSDR was significantly better than the quality of CR (9.75 vs 8.16 of a maximum score of 10; p < 0.001). LSDR performed significantly better than CR for delineation of anatomical structures in the mediastinum and the retrocardiac lung (p < 0.001). CR was superior to LSDR for visually sharp delineation of the lung vessels and the thin linear structures in the lungs. We conclude that LSDR yields better image quality and may be more suitable for excluding significant pathological features of the chest in areas with high attenuation compared with CR.


Digital radiographyComputed radiographyImage qualityChest X-ray

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