, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp 1385-1395
Date: 20 Mar 2008

CT colonography with reduced bowel preparation after incomplete colonoscopy in the elderly


We prospectively assessed the feasibility and acceptance of computerized tomographic colonography (CTC) without bowel cathartic preparation in elderly patients after incomplete colonoscopy. A total of 136 patients underwent CTC without cathartic preparation. The time delay between conventional colonoscopy and CTC ranged between 3 and 20 days, depending on the clinical situation. Before CTC, fecal tagging was achieved by adding diatrizoate meglumine and diatrizoate sodium to regular meals. CTCs were interpreted using a primary two-dimensional (2D) approach and 3D images for further characterization. Patients were interviewed before and 2 weeks after CTC to assess preparation acceptance. CTC was feasible and technically successful in all the 136 patients. Fecal tagging was judged as excellent in 113 (83%) patients and sufficient in 23 (17%). Average CT image interpretation time was 14.8 min. Six (4.4%) cases of colorectal cancer and nine (6.6%) large polyps were detected, as well as 23 (11.3%) extracolonic findings of high clinical importance. No major side effect occurred, although 25% patients reported minor side effects, especially diarrhea. Overall, 76/98 patients replied that they would be willing to repeat the test if necessary. CTC without cathartic preparation is a technically feasible and safe procedure to complete a colonic study in the elderly, prompting its use in clinical practice.