, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp 3012-3013
Date: 11 Jul 2007

Radiofrequency ablation—an alternative for definitive treatment of solitary bone metastases

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With innovations in molecular imaging, such as PET-CT, solitary metastases are detected more frequently. Aggressive treatment could thereby theoretically eradicate malignant disease. For bone lesions, however, surgery represents an invasive procedure with potentially high morbidity and a period of inactivity. Radiotherapy, though being a noninvasive procedure, has a number of limitations too, including the need for fractionated treatment, lasting damage to soft tissue and bone, and limited options for repeat treatment. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) may provide minimally invasive alternative treatment in these cases.

In a 61-year-old woman with a diagnosis of melanoma, a solitary bone lesion in the distal right femur was found on FDG PET-CT. MRI visualized this lesion in a medial and subcortical location (Fig. 1), and CT-guided biopsy with histology confirmed the diagnosis of melanoma metastasis. Radical resection or curettage of the bone lesion was considered, but given a guarded pr ...