European Radiology

, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 1192–1202

CT colonography with fecal tagging after incomplete colonoscopy


    • Department of RadiologyStedelijk Ziekenhuis
  • P. Lefere
    • Department of RadiologyStedelijk Ziekenhuis
  • M. Herman
    • Department of RadiologyStedelijk Ziekenhuis
  • R. Deman
    • Department of RadiologyH. Hart Ziekenhuis
  • L. Rutgeerts
    • Department of GastroenterologyH. Hart Ziekenhuis
  • G. Ghillebert
    • Department of GastroenterologyH. Hart Ziekenhuis
  • F. Baert
    • Department of GastroenterologyH. Hart Ziekenhuis
  • M. Baekelandt
    • Department of RadiologyStedelijk Ziekenhuis
  • B. Van Holsbeeck
    • Department of RadiologyStedelijk Ziekenhuis

DOI: 10.1007/s00330-005-2644-x

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Gryspeerdt, S., Lefere, P., Herman, M. et al. Eur Radiol (2005) 15: 1192. doi:10.1007/s00330-005-2644-x


The objective of this study was to evaluate dietary fecal tagging (FT) as a cleansing method prior to CT colonography (CTC) in patients with incomplete conventional colonoscopy (CC). After written informed consent was obtained, 24 patients had standard colonoscopic preparation (ScCl), and 25 patients had FT as cleansing method. Segmental distention, fluid levels, fecal residues, tagged appearance of fluid levels, and residual stool were evaluated. Mann–Whitney U test was used to test for significant differences between FT and ScCl groups. Compared with ScCl, FT improved distention (p=0.001), reduced the amount of fluid (p=0.043), but suffered from residual stool (p=0.046). A clear correlation was found between distention and fluid. No differences were found in stool size between FT and ScCl. FT showed a good labeling of fecal residues, and acceptable labeling of fluid levels. Compared with ScCl, FT reduces fluid, favors distention, but suffers from fecal residues. The tagged nature of these residues, however, allows differentiation from polyps.


CT colonographyPreparation techniqueTagging incomplete colonoscopy

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