, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 271-278

Ecology of testate amoebae communities from aquatic habitats in the Zackenberg area (Northeast Greenland)

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A total of 67 taxa, belonging to 15 genera, were recorded from aquatic samples collected in Zackenberg (Northeast Greenland). Most taxa belong to the genera Difflugia, Centropyxis, Nebela and Euglypha. Trinema lineare showed the highest relative abundance. Seven taxa were recorded for the first time in the Arctic. A TWINSPAN classification reveals two groups, reflecting a local geographical distinction. In the ponds of the old Zackenberg delta area (group 1), two assemblages were found: the Paraquadrula globulosa-Cyphoderia perlucidus assemblage and the Difflugiella crenulata-Cryptodifflugia compressa assemblage. The lakes, the pools and ponds east of the Zackenberg river (group 2) also harbour two assemblages: the Trinema enchelys-Euglypha sp.1 assemblage and the Centropyxis aerophila-Difflugia globulosa assemblage. Although the lakes are chemically unique, having extremely low values for turbidity, colour, SiO2− 2, Cl and hardness, this is not reflected in the characteristic testacean communities.

Accepted: 24 April 1999