, Volume 34, Issue 1, p 131
Date: 03 Feb 2013

Re: Hasegawa EM, Fuller R, Chammas MC, de Mello FM, Goldenstein-Schainberg C: Increased prevalence of simple renal cysts in patients with gout. Rheumatol Int, DOI 10.1007/s00296-012-2380-x

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We appreciate the authors for observing the increased association of simple renal cysts in gout patients [1]. This being a quite interesting study, however, some points need further elaboration as far as results of the study are concerned.

Authors have found no association of renal impairment with the presence of simple renal cyst in gout patients. They have chosen a cutoff limit of 60 ml/min/1.72 m2 body surface area (BSA) for impaired renal function. As it is known that any degree of impaired renal function facilitates simple cysts in kidneys, we believe that the cutoff limit of 60 ml/min/1.72 m2 BSA is quite low to categorize patients into two different groups according to renal function. If chosen a GFR of <90 ml/min/1.72 m2 BSA, the results would have been different. The acquired cystic renal disease may begin early in the course of the renal disease [2], so the point of earliest renal impairment may be more important rather than obvious renal impairment or duration of gout.