, Volume 33, Issue 10, pp 2671-2673
Date: 03 Aug 2012

Does vasculitis alone cause AVN? A review of literature

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AVN is caused by a disease, or severe trauma that affects the blood supply to the bone or in many cases may be idiopathic, with no known cause. AVN pathophysiology is most closely linked to SLE literature, and there is a strong cause and effect relationship between corticosteroid intake and AVN development in SLE patients, and AVN is extremely rare in the absence of steroid use. Apart from few anecdotal reports, there is no data on exact pathophysiologic mechanisms responsible for AVN in the setting of vasculitis. We saw a 69-year-old man with femoral AVN and a possibility of vasculitis as the underlying cause was raised by the radiologist, and hence we present this literature search on vasculitis per se causing AVN of the bone.