, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp 80-85

The Integration Host Factor (IHF) Affects the Expression of the Phosphate-Binding Protein and of Alkaline Phosphatase in Escherichia coli

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The genes encoding alkaline phosphatase (phoA) and the inducible inorganic phosphate transport system Pst (pstS,C,A,B,U) belong to the PHO regulon. Mutants of Escherichia coli lacking the global regulatory protein integration host factor (IHF) show an increased level of alkaline phosphatase and a decreased level of Pst. IHF binds weakly but specifically to a DNA fragment containing the promoter region of the pst operon but does not bind to a fragment that includes the promoter region of phoA. It is proposed that IHF is a positive regulator of the pst operon and as such controls indirectly the expression of phoA.

Received: 4 May 1998 / Accepted: 19 August 1998