, Volume 45, Issue 4, pp 303-306

Conservation of XYN11A and XYN11B Xylanase Genes in Bipolaris sorghicola, Cochliobolus sativus, Cochliobolus heterostrophus, and Cochliobolus spicifer

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Two types of xylanase gene, XYN11A (XYL1) and XYN11B (XYL2), were amplified by PCR and partially sequenced in four phytopathogenic species of the ascomycete fungal genus Cochliobolus (anamorph genus Bipolaris). Three of the species, C. heterostrophus (B. maydis), C. sativus (B. sorokiniana), and Bipolaris sorghicola (no teleomorph known), are interrelated; the fourth, C. spicifer (B. spicifera), was found, through analysis of the 5.8S RNA and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of its ribosomal DNA, to be more distantly related to the other three. Isolates from all four species contain orthologous XYN11A and XYN11B genes, but a set of laboratory strains of C. heterostrophus gave no product corresponding to the XYN11B gene. The patterns of evolution of the two xylanase genes and ribosomal DNA sequences are mutually consistent; the results indicate that the two genes were present in the common ancestor of all Cochliobolus species and are evolving independently of each other.

Received: 12 July 2001 / Accepted: 6 March 2002