, Volume 91, Issue 3, pp 475-476
Date: 17 Jun 2011

Acquired severe aplastic anemia after H1N1 influenza virus vaccination successfully treated with allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

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Dear Editor,

Here, we report a case of acquired severe aplastic anemia (SAA) which occurred in a young man potentially correlated to the administration of H1N1 influenza virus vaccine. On 30 November 2009, a 25-year-old man presented to ER with fever, headache, sore throat and diffuse bruises. Laboratory tests revealed severe pancytopenia (WBC 1.2 × 109/L, haemoglobin 11.2 g/dL and platelets 3,000 × 109/L).

He was immediately referred to our institution. Liver and renal functions were normal as well as coagulation parameters. Medical history was completely negative with the exception that he received vaccination for H1N1 virus few days before, on 15 November 2009 (Focetria, lot number # 090201). He was completely healthy before. The only reason why his family doctor suggested this specific vaccination was because he worked as a salesman, travelling abroad frequently.

All microbiological tests, including blood cultures, were repeatedly negative, and fever was responsive to a broad spectrum ...