, Volume 39, Issue 8, pp 639-648,
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Date: 23 Jun 2012

The luminescence properties of rare-earth ions in natural fluorite


For the first time, the luminescence properties of Pr3+, Nd3+ and Tm3+ and Yb3+ ions in fluorite crystal have been obtained by steady-state measurements. In addition, the luminescence spectra of Ce3+, Sm2+, Sm3+, Dy3+, Er3+ and Yb3+ were measured. It was pointed out that λexc. = 415 nm is most suitable for measuring the Ho3+ emission beside the Er3+. The emission of trivalent holmium and erbium ions was measured independently using time-resolved measurements and tentative assignment of luminescence lines to C 3v and C 4v symmetry sites was proposed. Besides for natural fluorite crystal, the transitions between Stark energy levels of lanthanide ions were presented.