, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 53-58
Date: 22 Nov 2006

The ordered creation of paramagnetic defects at plastic deformation of natural diamonds

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The EPR-study showed that natural purple diamonds from kimberlites of Eastern Siberia (Russia) contain well known P1, P2 (in some samples), W7, and N2 centers. The EPR spectra of these centers were typical of plastically deformed diamond single crystals. Besides, several intense additional spectra of di-nitrogen centers were observed in purple diamonds. The angular dependence analysis of these spectra showed that they can be attributed to known M2 centers. Comparison of principal axis directions observed for sites of the M2 center in purple diamond crystals with theoretically predicted directions in the twin crystal revealed that these centers are allocated exclusively to the twinned lamellae. Unusual phenomenon of the ordered distribution of paramagnetic centers in natural purple diamonds confirmed that the plastic deformation in natural diamonds can be induced not only by the slip of dislocations but also by the mechanical twinning.