, Volume 33, Issue 10, pp 651-654
Date: 25 Oct 2006

Decarbonation reaction of magnesite in subducting slabs at the lower mantle

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High-pressure and temperature experiments (28–62 GPa, and 1,490–2,000 K, corresponding to approximately 770–1,500 km depth in the mantle) have been conducted on a MgCO3 + SiO2 mixture using a laser-heated diamond anvil cell combined with analytical transmission electron microscope observation of the product phases to constrain the fate of carbonates carried on the subducting basalt into the lower mantle. At these conditions, the decarbonation reaction MgCO3 (magnesite) + SiO2 (stishovite) → MgSiO3 (perovskite) + CO2 (solid) has been recognized. This indicates that above reaction takes place as a candidate for decarbonation of the carbonated subducting mid ocean ridge basalts in the Earth’s lower mantle.