, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 364-369

Factors Determining Recurrence following Surgery for Crohn’s Disease

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Abstract. Many factors have been examined in an attempt to define groups at higher risk for recurrence or recrudescence of Crohn’s disease. Among these factors are age and onset of disease, gender, site of disease, number of resections, symptomatic status at the time of surgery, length of small bowel resection, fistulizing versus obstructive forms of disease, proximal margin length, microscopic margin histology, strictureplasty, and number of sites of disease, as well as the presence of colonic only disease, the presence of granulomas, blood transfusions, family history, and prophylactic treatment. To date, only proctocolectomy with Brooke ileostomy versus other procedures for colonic only disease, and prophylactic treatment have been shown with some degree of confidence to lead to a lower recurrence rate after surgery for Crohn’s disease.