, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 157-161
Date: 24 Feb 2014

Place of Video-thoracoscopy in Thoracic Surgical Practice

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The advent of video-endoscopy revolutionizes the practice of surgery. Within a short span of time, video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has become an acceptable approach to a wide range of thoracic procedures. The use of VATS as a diagnostic modality is now well established. For therapeutic procedures, VATS has also been generally accepted for the treatment of such conditions as primary spontaneous pneumothorax, loculated effusions, thoracodorsal sympathectomy, and resection of simple mediastinal cysts. Its roles in more complex procedures such as thymectomy and anatomic lung resections, however, remain poorly defined at present, even though the existing intermediate-term results are encouraging. VATS is still in evolution. Miniaturization of instruments promises to reduce access-induced trauma even further. On the other hand, attention to cost-containment is essential if VATS is to be applicable to patients in developing countries. Technology will continue to change. Carefully conducted clinical trials should precede the general acceptance of any new technology, no matter how attractive it may appear initially.