, Volume 31, Issue 9, p 1821
Date: 11 Jul 2007

Does Intraperitoneal Therapy Have a Role in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer?

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The publication of the increased survival of women with initial intraperitoneal plus intravenous therapy for optimally debulked ovarian cancer over intravenous alone by the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) [1] has raised the issue of which women might benefit from an intraperitoneal approach beyond initial therapy. However, the significant gastrointestinal, neurotoxic, and hematologic side effects have limited the passion to make this mandatory first-line treatment for women with optimally debulked disease [2].

Cotte et al. [3] raise the question of whether secondary cytoreduction and immediate intraperitoneal therapy might also benefit women with ovarian cancer that is recurrent or resistant to initial platinum-containing therapy. Their study used the theoretical advantage of intraperitoneal therapy by an introperative intraperitoneal infusion and hyperthermia after completing a second or third look and debulking procedure. It is unclear what the final absorbed dose of cisplatinum is i