, Volume 30, Issue 8, pp 1371-1373

Biomedical Industrial Sponsorship and Its Impact on the Medical Literature

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The pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in the development of new drugs. The industry is involved at two levels. The first is in the design and discovery of new drugs, which may occur in their own laboratories or in the university environment. The second is the research and development that brings a drug onto the market as a result of clinical trials; the latter take place in the clinic in both university and nonuniversity institutions and, for the most part, are sponsored by industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is enormous, with an estimated annual worldwide budget of $6 billion for drug development. To put this into perspective, the market for prescription drugs in the United States was $130 billion during the year 2000, and in 2001 it was $150 billion plus £7 billion in the United Kingdom.1,2 The cost of bringing each new drug to market is estimated to range from $250 million to $800 million; and it is estimated that, on average, each day’s delay in U.S. Food and Drug Adminis