, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp 678-679
Date: 24 Mar 2010

Does the Injection Plane Matter in Autologous Fat Transplantation?

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Breast augmentation techniques using autologous fat transplantation vary significantly with regard to type of liposuction, processing to obtain the injectable fat graft, and graft injection. To date, however, the injection plane has not been comprehensively addressed in this regard.

In 1895, Czerny [2] was among the first to publish his experience with fat grafting to the breast, calling it replacement of the mammary gland by a lipoma. With the injection of lipoaspirate, many small lipomas are created. In 1996, Guerrerosantos et al. [5] performed experimental studies on injection of fat into muscle tissue, demonstrating both clinical and microscopic success. A few years later Peren et al. [6] presented their experience with gluteus augmentation using autologous fat grafts. Recently, Coleman [1] described autologous fat transplantation into the pectoralis major muscle for breast augmentation, followed by infiltration into the retropectoral and prepectoral spaces.

In addition to autologous ...