, Volume 32, Issue 4, pp 641-644
Date: 26 Jan 2008

A New Procedure for Correction of Severe Inverted Nipple with Two Triangular Areolar Dermofibrous Flaps

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Severely inverted nipples are invaginated deeply and present many aesthetic, functional, and psychological problems. Many methods have been proposed for correction of this deformity. The authors describe a new simple method using two broad triangular areolar dermofibrous flaps. This method affords sufficient tissue to fill the dead space. Furthermore, it furnishes bulk to drive up the nipple, and because the cross lay of the flap and the epidermis make the areola circular and small, it provides sufficient areolar tissue for reconstruction of the defective nipple. The manipulation of postoperative “donut” traction is simple and useful. This method was used to correct 14 nipples of 9 patients successfully without any postoperative problems and with minimal scars and no recurrence of inversion. It is an ideal surgical procedure for the severely inverted nipple.