, Volume 29, Issue 6, pp 441-444
Date: 16 Nov 2005

The Use of Celecoxib for Reduction of Pain After Subpectoral Breast Augmentation

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A study was conducted to determine whether a single 400-mg dose of oral celecoxib administered 30 min before surgery reduces the opioid requirement for patients undergoing aesthetic subpectoral breast augmentation. A total of 695 patients undergoing breast augmentation were randomly selected into either a placebo or a treatment group. The findings showed that patients who received 400 mg of celecoxib 30 min before surgery required significantly fewer opioid analgesics after the operation than those given a placebo (p < 0.001). It also was found that nonsmokers and multiparous women required significantly fewer opioids than smokers and nulliparous women (p < 0.001). On the basis of this prospective study, the authors recommend a single 400-mg dose of celecoxib administered 30 min before surgery to decrease opioid analgesic requirements after subpectoral breast augmentation.