, Volume 29, Issue 5, pp 400-403
Date: 26 Jul 2005

Successful Treatment of Acute Periprosthetic Breast Infection with Curettage, Pulse Lavage, and Immediate Device Exchange

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Acute periprosthetic breast infection in aesthetic surgical patients is a rare event. These patients would be expected to be less tolerant of the standard option of removing the infected implant and waiting 6 months (or possibly more) for tissue conditions to become favourable prior to reinsertion. This report provides confirmatory evidence of a controversial method of management that involves removal of the infected implant, curettage of granulation tissue within the breast implant pocket, pulsed lavage, then switching to a “clean” setup (including gloves, gowns, drapes and instruments) and reinsertion of a new device with suction drainage. The technique allows for immediate replacement of the implant and if successful, obviates the need for any waiting period. Surgeons are encouraged to consider this management option in specific cases where tissue vascularity and patient health are satisfactory.