, Volume 29, Issue 2, p 127
Date: 07 Apr 2005

Power-Assisted Lipoplasty Versus traditional Suction-Assisted Lipoplasty: Comparative Evaluation and Analysis of Output

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Professor Nicolo Scuderi [5] is not often recognized as the Father of Ultrasonically assisted lipoplasty, although he was the first to use ultrasound energy to emulsify subcutaneous fat before aspirating it. I am pleased to see another lipoplasty article submitted by him.

In this article, Scuderi et al. [5] compares the speeds of extraction between power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL) and traditional lipoplasty (TL) in 15 female patients. Wetting solutions were infused using the superwet [4] technique, followed by extraction using either PAL or TL. Extraction volume measurements were performed for the first minute of each procedure, after which the procedure was completed with PAL. The rest of the parameters were standardized from case to case.

In general terms, this report confirms previously published studies [1,2,3] on the benefits of PAL over TL. The clinical model the authors used by treating symmetric contralateral body regions has been my favorite approach for about a decade in studies