, Volume 36, Issue 10, pp 2049-2053
Date: 08 Aug 2012

Surgical repair of hip abductors. A new technique using Graft Jacket® allograft acellular human dermal matrix

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Avulsion of the abductors from the hip can be an infrequent but debilitating complication after total hip arthroplasty performed through a trans-gluteal approach. This can result in intractable pain, limp, Trendelenberg lurch and instability of the hip. There have been various methods described for repairing or reconstruction of this abductor muscle complex including direct trans-osseous repair, muscle transfers, muscle and tendon sling, bone tendon allograft reconstruction and endoscopic repair techniques.


In a prospective study at our institution we evaluated the results of a surgical technique in 12 patients using a trans-osseous repair of gluteus medius and minimus insertions augmented by a Graft Jacket® allograft acellular human dermal matrix (Graft Jacket®; Wright Medical Technology, Arlington, TN) over the anterior and anterolateral aspects of the greater trochanter. Diagnosis of hip abductor avulsions was made by evaluation of the history of presenting complaint, clinical examination and confirmed by ultrasound or MRI scans.


Evaluation of results included pain scoring, gait evaluation, Trendelenberg test, and the Harris hip score. There was a significant improvement in pain (VAS mean values 8.25 to 2.33; p value < 0.0001), limp and gait along with abductor strength. The Trendelenberg test became negative in all but one. At the mean follow up of 22 months Harris hip scores improved from 34.05 to 81.26 (p value <0.0001).


Overall this procedure appears to be safe and associated with high patient satisfaction, without the morbidity of any tendon or muscle transfers.