, Volume 34, Issue 8, pp 1159-1165
Date: 14 Oct 2009

Five-year results of the Innex total knee arthroplasty system

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The clinical and radiographic results of 174 female and 86 male Innex (Zimmer, Warsaw, Indiana) mobile bearing total knee arthroplasty systems (245 patients) were evaluated, with particular emphasis on gender-related differences at five-year follow-up. Pre-operative Knee Society (KS) function and total scores were lower in women than in men. All KS scores showed a significant improvement at follow-up, but women still obtained lower KS function scores than men. Self-reported function was significantly better for male knees. No gender differences were observed for component alignment, while the occurrence of radiolucent lines, endosteal cavitations, and wear was significantly greater in male knees. Male Innex mobile bearing knees exhibited better clinical function and satisfaction than their female peers at five-year follow-up, despite inferior radiographic findings and higher revision rates.