, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 215-216
Date: 18 Mar 2006

Gene therapy applications in orthopaedics

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Dear Editor,

With great interest and enthusiasm, we read the article “Orthopaedic applications of gene therapy“ [1]. The authors should be congratulated for their concise yet very thorough and excellent coverage of the gene therapy applications in orthopaedics. However, it is our opinion that articular cartilage deserved more of their attention. Primarily, we think that the subsection heading “Cartilage repair” should be expanded to “Cartilage repair and regeneration”, particularly since the authors did mention “stimulation of cartilage regeneration” which implies the possibility of inducing intrinsic healing of the damaged cartilage by hyaline cartilage formation. When treating localised cartilage defects we should ask ourselves: What kind of new tissue formation inside the defect do we want to induce? Ideally we aim for articular cartilage regeneration, not repair, which would mean formation of hyaline cartilage, not fibrocartilage. Treatment options published in the literature can be ...