, Volume 46, Issue 2, pp 75-81

Tumor immunotherapy: cytokines and antigen presentation

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 Increasing the ability of tumor-reactive T cells to mediate tumor regression in vivo has been a major goal of tumor immunologists. Progress toward this goal has been aided by the identification of tumor-associated antigens on both experimental mouse tumors and human tumors. However, the self-like nature and low immunogenicity of these antigens has made it clear that other measures to enhance the effectiveness of the T cells reactive to these antigens are essential if immunotherapy is to be clinically effective. An increased understanding of antigen processing and presentation is an important step in this process, as is the use of cytokines to increase immune responsiveness. Despite recent advances, there is still much to be learned before the specificity of the immune system is safely harnessed to halt malignant cell growth effectively.

Received: 10 October 1997 / Accepted: 12 January 1998