, Volume 61, Issue 8, pp 1279-1288,
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Date: 01 Feb 2012

Harnessing human plasmacytoid dendritic cells as professional APCs


The plasmacytoid dendritic cell (pDC) constitutes a unique DC subset that links the innate and adaptive arm of the immune system. Whereas the unique capability of pDCs to produce large amounts of type I IFNs in response to pathogen recognition is generally accepted, their antigen-presenting function is often neglected since most studies on antigen presentation are aimed at other DC subsets. Recently, pDCs were demonstrated capable to present antigen leading to protective tumor immunity. In this review, we discuss how pDCs could be exploited in the fight against cancer by analyzing their capacity to capture, process and (cross-) present antigen.

This paper is a Focussed Research Review based on a presentation given at the Eleventh International Conference on Progress in Vaccination against Cancer (PIVAC 11), held in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 10–13, 2011. It is part of a CII series of Focussed Research Reviews and meeting report.