, Volume 54, Issue 3, pp 187-207

A listing of human tumor antigens recognized by T cells: March 2004 update

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The technological advances occurred in the last few years have led to a great increase in the number of tumor associated antigens (TAA) that are currently available for clinical applications. In this review we provide a comprehensive list of human tumor antigens as reported in the literature updated at Feburary 2004. The list includes all T cell-defined epitopes, while excluding analogs or artificially modified epitopes, as well as virus-encoded and antibodies-recognized antigens. TAAs are listed in alphabetical order along with the epitope sequence and the HLA allele which restricts recognition by T cells. Data on the tissue distribution of each antigen are also provided together with an extensive bibliography that allows a rapid search for any additional information may be needed on each single antigen or epitope. Overall, the updated list is a database tool for clinicians, scientists and students who have an interest in the field of tumor immunology and immunotherapy.