, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp 725-729
Date: 03 Mar 2012

Adolescent bariatric surgery

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Overall it is clear that bariatric surgical intervention in appropriately selected adolescents is effective at both adequate weight loss and resolution of weight related co-morbidities in the short and medium term. Long-term results are being conducted currently to assess durability of bariatric surgical interventions. We believe that adolescents undergoing bariatric evaluation have unique needs and until more long-term data are available, the indications for surgery should be stricter than those used in adults. All of the bariatric procedures discussed must be performed in the background of positive behavioral modifications over a period of time. If lifestyle modification fails, these adolescents can gain weight by overcoming the physiologic effects of the surgery as they eat high calorie foods at very frequent intervals. Finally, close postoperative follow-up is required with active management of weight loss/gain, co-morbidities, and postoperative complications should they occur.