, Volume 32, Issue 5, pp 589-595
Date: 27 Mar 2007

Spectrum of Normal Findings, Anatomic Variants and Pathology of Ileocecal Valve: CT Colonography Appearances and Endoscopic Correlation

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Knowledge of the potential variants of ileocecal valve, the most frequent pathologic conditions as well as some pitfalls encountered during the analysis of CT Colonography images are thus indispensable for radiologists who perform and interpret such examinations and for general practitioners who are approaching this technique. Awareness of these different diagnostic possibilities is mandatory for radiologists evaluating CT Colonography datasets. Combined analysis of 2D axial and reformatted slices and 3D endouminal views provides the highest level of diagnostic accuracy. We present the multidetector CT Colonography findings with endoscopic correlation and discuss the possible pathologies and the practical implications

Spectrum of normal findings, anatomic variants and pathology of Ileocecal Valve: CT Colonography appearances and endoscopic correlation. A pictorial essay.