, Volume 26, Issue 12, pp 1547-1552

Fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in thyroid cancer: results of a multicentre study

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=222) and the group with negative radioiodine scan (n=166), respectively. Specificity was 90% in the whole patient group. Sensitivity and specificity of WBS were 50% and 99%, respectively. When the results of FDG-PET and WBS were considered in combination, tumour tissue was missed in only 7%. Sensitivity and specificity of MIBI/Tl were 53% and 92%, respectively (n=117). We conclude that FDG-PET is a sensitive method in the follow-up of thyroid cancer which should be considered in all patients suffering from differentiated thyroid cancer with suspected recurrence and/or metastases, and particularly in those with elevated thyroglobulin values and negative WBS.

Received 4 May and in revised form 11 June 1999