Date: 06 Apr 2013

Influence of androgen deprivation therapy on choline PET/CT in recurrent prostate cancer

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Recurrent prostate cancer is usually treated by combining radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy. To stage the cancer, choline positron emission tomography (PET)/CT can be performed. It is generally thought that androgen deprivation therapy does not influence choline PET/CT. In this article we focus on the molecular backgrounds of choline and androgens, and the results of preclinical and clinical studies performed using PET/CT.


Using PubMed, we looked for the relevant articles about androgen deprivation therapy and choline PET/CT.


During ADT, a tendency of decreased uptake of choline in prostate cancer was observed, in particular in hormone-naïve patients.


We conclude that in order to prevent false-negative choline PET/CT scans androgen deprivation should be withheld prior to scanning, especially in hormone-naïve patients.